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Quality Corporate Law and Project
Oversight in Vineland, NJ

When it comes to entrusting your business to a corporate law legal expert, your counsel’s experience is critical to your success. Lou Magazzu has over 35 years of experience serving as a trial lawyer, government attorney, and county elected official. Whether working as a private attorney or serving as a county Freeholder, Lou and has overseen $2 billion in economic development projects.

Lou’s philosophy is that you deserve his utmost attention and concentrated efforts. To achieve that end, Lou only takes a few clients at a time to provide “laser-like focus” on the file. Lou spends the time to get to know you, your needs, and your plans for the future of your business. Lou will provide necessary legal guidance, oversee any acquisition or contract negotiation, and ensure that your legal needs are met. When you want effective legal representation, we respectfully request that you will consider Louis N. Magazzu.

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A voice for county businesses

In addition to serving as a private attorney for some of the area most prominent businesses, Mr. Magazzu is the Executive Director of the CEO Group. Founded in 1996, this association is comprised of the top 50 businesses in Cumberland County representing over 30,000 employees. The purpose of the CEO Group is to be the voice of these businesses in the county, state, and nation. The CEO Group also supports county priorities such as the county college and vocational school through various scholarships. Mr. Magazzu has a passion for local business advocacy and has helped countless clients with their project design and acquisitions, land purchase agreements, zoning and planning matters, local and state tax credits and much more related issues. He and his team of legal experts will work with you to pinpoint your needs, attain your business goals, and provide premiere legal representation.

Photo: Lou and Majority Leader Louis Greenwald

Expert budget oversight

Project costs can skyrocket when expanding your business but with our professional legal oversight, you can rest easy. From 1998 until 2011, Mr. Magazzu served as director of the board in 2001 and again for three years from 2008 until 2010, he had direct and indirect oversight of annual budgets of nearly $200 million. Mr. Magazzu also served as a liaison to every significant county board and commission during his time, and worked with the county college on a $44 million expansion. When you need effective budgetary oversight for your project, call Lou Magazzu . We have an eye for detail and years of experience, and we’ll ensure your project moves forward as planned. Give your project the oversight it needs and yourself some peace of mind. Contact us today.

Photo: Democratic Chariman John Currie

Analysis of Impact and Consequences of Laws and Regulations and Provide Advocacy for Businesses with such Laws and Regulations.

Photo: Lou and Congressman Donald Norcross

Ensure Your Project’s Success. Contact Us Today.